Advanced Methods for Computational Collective Intelligence

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Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence 457
Author: Hieu Le Trung,Vu Le Anh,Viet-Hung Dang,Hai Vo Hoang (auth.),Ngoc Thanh Nguyen,Bogdan Trawiński,Radosław Katarzyniak,Geun-Sik Jo (eds.)
Year: 2013
Edition: 1
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Pages: 378
PagesInFile: 373
Language: English
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ISBN: 9783642342998,9783642343001
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-34300-1
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Front Matter....Pages 1-9
Front Matter....Pages 1-1
Recognizing and Tagging Vietnamese Words Based on Statistics and Word Order Patterns....Pages 3-12
A Combination System for Identifying Base Noun Phrase Correspondences....Pages 13-23
Towards the Web in Your Pocket: Curated Data as a Service....Pages 25-34
Front Matter....Pages 35-35
Why Do People Stick to Play Social Network Sites? An Extension of Expectation-Confirmation Model with Perceived Interpersonal Values and Playfulness Perspectives....Pages 37-46
Collaborative Problem Solving in Emergency Situations: Lessons Learned from a Rescue Mission....Pages 47-58
Biometric and Intelligent Student Progress Assessment System....Pages 59-69
Scaffolding Opportunity in Problem Solving – The Perspective of Weak-Tie....Pages 71-81
A Fast Algorithm for Predicting Topics of Scientific Papers Based on Co-authorship Graph Model....Pages 83-91
Front Matter....Pages 93-93
Cooperating and Sharing Knowledge in an Intelligent Multi-Agent System Based on Distributed Knowledge Bases for Solving Problems Automatically....Pages 95-105
Multi-agent Platform for Security Level Evaluation of Information and Communication Services....Pages 107-116
A Multi-agent Model for Image Browsing and Retrieval....Pages 117-126
An Efficient Ranging Protocol Using Multiple Packets for Asynchronous Real-Time Locating Systems....Pages 127-134
Agent-Based Model of Celtic Population Growth: NetLogo and Python....Pages 135-143
Front Matter....Pages 145-145
Ant Colony Inspired Clustering Based on the Distribution Function of the Similarity of Attributes....Pages 147-156
Maintenance of IT-Tree for Transactions Deletion....Pages 157-166
Dimensionality Reduction by Turning Points for Stream Time Series Prediction....Pages 167-176
Clustering as an Example of Optimizing Arbitrarily Chosen Objective Functions....Pages 177-186
IPMA: Indirect Patterns Mining Algorithm....Pages 187-196
Local Region Partitioning for Disguised Face Recognition Using Non-negative Sparse Coding....Pages 197-206
Computer Based Psychometric Testing and Well Being Software for Sleep Deprivation Analysis....Pages 207-216
Front Matter....Pages 217-217
Dynamic Parameters in GP and LGP....Pages 219-228
GPGPU Implementation of Evolutionary Algorithm for Images Clustering....Pages 229-238
Recombination Operators in Genetic Algorithm – Based Crawler: Study and Experimental Appraisal....Pages 239-248
Meta-evolution Modelling: Beyond Selection/Mutation-Based Models....Pages 249-258
Probabilistic Splicing Systems....Pages 259-268
How to Model Repricable-Rate, Non-maturity Products in a Bank: Theoretical and Practical Replicating Portfolio....Pages 269-278
The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Company Valuation Process....Pages 279-288
Circadian Rhythm Evaluation Using Fuzzy Logic....Pages 289-298
Front Matter....Pages 299-299
Optimization of Container Handling Systems in Automated Maritime Terminal....Pages 301-312
A Study of Bandwidth Guaranteed Routing Algorithms for Traffic Engineering....Pages 313-322
Application of a Clustering Based Location-Routing Model to a Real Agri-food Supply Chain Redesign....Pages 323-331
Crisis Management Model and Recommended System for Construction and Real Estate....Pages 333-343
Clinical Activity and Schedule Management with a Fuzzy Social Preference System....Pages 345-354
Fuzzy x̄ and s Charts: Left & Right Dominance Approach....Pages 355-366
A High Energy Efficiency Approach Based on Fuzzy Clustering Topology for Long Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks....Pages 367-376
Back Matter....Pages 0--1


The book consists of 35 extended chapters which have been selected and invited from the submissions to the 4th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies and Applications (ICCCI 2012) held on November 28-30, 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The book is organized into six parts, which are semantic web and ontologies, social networks and e-learning, agent and multiagent systems, data mining methods and applications, soft computing, and optimization and control, respectively. All chapters in the book discuss theoretical and practical issues connected with computational collective intelligence and related technologies. The editors hope that the book can be useful for graduate and Ph.D. students in Computer Science, in particular participants in courses on Soft Computing, Multiagent Systems, and Data Mining. This book can be also useful for researchers working on the concept of computational collective intelligence in artificial populations. It is the hope of the editors that readers of this volume can find many inspiring ideas and use them to create new cases of intelligent collectives. Many such challenges are suggested by particular approaches and models presented in individual chapters of this book. The editors hope that readers of this volume can find many inspiring ideas and influential practical examples and use them in their future work.


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